The hot button issues of Gov. Chris Christie's health and his infamous hug with President Barack Obama came up during presidential campaign stops on Wednesday and Thursday in New Hampshire.

In Keene, NH on Christie told the crowd that he's "lost a significant amount of weight as you all can probably could tell from looking at me from when I came up here to New Hampshire three years ago, four years ago to campaign for Mitt Romney." The governor said that he sees his doctor regularly and normal blood pressure. "My cholesterol now is actually low, and I feel really good," said Christie.

He also gave the same reason he has always given for having a lap band procedure: his children. Christie said he has two daughters and "I want to be there to walk them down the aisle. It didn't have anything to do with politics." Christie continued keep private the number of pounds he has lost.

On Wednesday, Christie told a crowd at the Milford, NH fire station that he did not hug the president when her arrived to survey the damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. "I didn't hug him," Christie said. "But when he got off Air Force One I did shake his hand "because that's what civilized human beings do with other civilized human beings."

Christie said that he thanked Obama "when he did nice things" for New Jersey and said there are people "who are so political" they can't get past it. He recalled a conversation aboard Marine One in which Obama told him he has been "gracious" during their time together. "Mr. President, I'm doing my job and you're doing yours. That's what we're supposed to do for the people who elected us," he said, adding that Obama agreed.

The governor also recounted how he spoke with Mitt Romney the day before Sandy hit New Jersey and Romney told him "no to worry about me" as Christie came off the campaign trail to focus on Sandy.

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