Governor Chris Christie talks to People magazine about the diet that goes along with his lap-band surgery in its latest edition.

Governor Christie and family (People video)

He tells the magazine that since the surgery in February “I’m not nearly as interested in food as I used to be. But that hasn’t all of a sudden made me a huge vegetable fan,” according to Politico. His preferred veggies are green beans, lettuce and cucumbers.

He says his morning beverage of choice is a mug of milk, not coffee. “I’ve never needed caffeine," he explains, adding that “I don’t have the urge to eat breakfast anymore,”

preview the Republican tweeted out, he talks about taking wife Mary Pat to New York for a Mother's Day getaway date night. "He actually got a hotel room and we ordered room service for dinner. And we weren't disturbed," she said. "It was a really great hotel with good food and it as really romantic and we left at 11 o'clock. We didn't stay over, which, I think, was the coolest thing about it."

Governor Christie talks to People magazine (People video)

In a video he talks about New Jersey-based reality shows and points out that MTV's Jersey Shore is about "a bunch of kids from New York" and the Housewives of New Jersey is the same way.

Christie reiterates, according to Politico  that he doesn't want to be a “proselytizer" about weight loss but will take questions about the subject “because I don’t want people to feel self-conscious about whatever challenges they have.