Gov. Chris Christie told Yahoo News he believes the Bridgegate scandal will be a learning experience for him, though he's not yet sure what the lessons will be. 

Governor Chris Christie addresses the Bridgegate emails at a Statehouse press conference (Twitter)

I will learn things from this,” Chris Christie told a Yahoo reporter last Friday. “I know I will. I don’t know exactly what it is yet that I’ll learn from it. But when I get the whole story and really try to understand what’s going on here, I know I’m going to learn things.”

The governor's interview was the first since his historic, marathon press conference during which he apologized to New Jerseyans, saying he was "embarrassed and humiliated” by the first major political scandal of his career. In his address, Christie also fired his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, “because she lied” about the September closings of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge that snarled traffic in Fort Lee.

The Yahoo interview, which took place at a training center for high-tech jobs in Camden, touched on a number of things related to Bridgegate, including a recent Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen song parody the governor hadn't seen. “Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey Traffic Jam” was sung to Springsteen’s iconic “Born To Run.” The lyrics poke fun at the scandal.

“In the day we sweat it out on the streets stuck in traffic on the GWB. They shut down the toll booths of glory ‘cuz we didn’t endorse Christie. Sprung from cages on Highway 9, we got three lanes closed, so Jersey get your a– in line. Woah! Maybe this Bridgegate was just payback, it’s a b—- slap to the state democrats, we gotta get out but we can’t–we’re stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam!”