Governor Chris Christie (R)  challenged Democrats who campaigned on "working with the governor" to get on board with his second term agenda that includes a possible tax cut in his next budget.

Governor Christie in studio for Ask the Governor (Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ)

Christie said he will need the support of those Democrats  to get a tax cut passed. Speeaking on Townsquare Medis's Ask the Governor program, Christie challenged those candidates to not revert back to a "typical Democrat mindset."

Following comments last week from Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) that the revenue isn't there to support a tax cut, Christie countered that Democrats should join him in cutting spending during his second term. "Are they on the side of the tax payer or the side of every goverment program we have operating out there?" asked Christie.

He says New Jersey Democrats set up "false choices" regarding tax cuts and that additional revenue isn't necessarily the answer.

Christie says meetings about fiscal year 2015 have just started and his chief economic advisor Bob O'Grady is recommending a tax cut but "we'll see" if it is included in the budget he presents to the next legislature in February.

Noting that he had run on a platform calling for more tax cuts, Christie also declared that Democratic legislators who had been re-elected by claiming they had worked "with the governor" should now prove the sincerity of those claims. "They have no mandate from this election separate from mine," Christie said.  "I want everyone out there to hear that. . . Those folks who were at risk in those swing districts. . . They all ran on a platform, 'we worked with the governor.'  . . They didn't articulate any other message. . . Well, ok now, time to work with the governor."

He says Democrats can't come back and pull a "bait and switch" and go back to being "regular ol' Democrats.' He pointed out that he ran on a platform of cutting taxes and reforming education and that by virtue of their campaign that his agenda is their agenda.

Listen to Christie's comments on taxes

Chris Kissel and Fred Tuccillo contributed to this report