As Gov. Chris Christie continues to travel the county talking about a range of topics including national defense, entitlement reform and economic policy, he's also taking on America's cynics.

In this May 12, 2015, photo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses a crowd at an event in Pembroke, N.H. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

In a recent speech in New Hampshire, the governor addressed cynical times and cynical politics and said he would discuss the topic at length in the future.

"We need to banish cynicism.  Today there are plenty of voices that say that America's time as a global leader has passed. We can't change the world. We shouldn't change the world. The challenges we face are too great and our power too small. That might be true of an ordinary nation, but it is not true of us," Christie said.

In the same speech, the governor referred to comments made by former President Ronald Reagan who said that the will and moral courage of free men and women is a weapon our adversaries in the world don't have, but we as Americans do have.

"He (Reagan) was right and that will and courage will lead us forward. Today, we live in cynical times with cynical politics. If we're going to keep making progress as a country, we're going to have to fix that and get our domestic house in order," Christie said.

Cynicism is an issue that deserves a longer discussion and one that the governor said he is looking forward to having in the weeks and months ahead.

"None of us should doubt our ability to lead in this new century," Christie said. "This can be the second American century and it must be. We shouldn't fear that challenge."

Christie is expected to make a decision on whether he'll run for president by the end of June.