What's the first word or phrase that pops into your head when you think of Chris Christie?

In a new Monmouth University poll, the most popular answer had nothing to do with his political party, or his blunt attitude, or his performance following Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Chris Christie (Jeff Zelevansky, Getty Images)

Respondents mentioned Christie's weight more than anything else. Answers ranged from "big" to "fat." Some folks simply said the word "weight."

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, said Christie's size will definitely be an issue in the future if he decides to run for president.

"There are many other people for whom (weight) is the second or third thing that comes to mind when they think of Chris Christie," Murray said.

The Governor underwent lap band surgery earlier this year.

Despite the weight issue, Christie still showed the strongest poll numbers among nine potential Republican candidates for president. He registered a 49 percent favorable to 20 percent unfavorable rating among voters. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan had the next best showing with a 41 percent to 33 percent rating.

"Christie does best when we pit these Republicans against Hillary Clinton," Murray added. "Right now, nationwide, Christie looks like he could be the toughest challenger."

In the hypothetical matchup, Christie trails Clinton by four points.