Many New Jersey residents are decking the halls, putting up their Christmas trees and while many are opting for artificial trees, real ones are still in very high demand.

(Evan Sharboneau, ThinkStock)

In fact, more than100,000 Christmas trees are harvested in the Garden State every year, making New Jersey sixth in the nation in the production of Christmas trees, according to the New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association.

The average cost of a fresh, cut-your-own tree averages between $50 and $60 and prices have remained stable over the past several years. If you are on the fence about whether to buy an artificial tree or a real one, Christian Nicholson, owner of Hidden Ponds Christmas Tree Farm in Mendham and the president of the New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association, recommends you go for a real one for a few reasons.

Real trees are environmentally friendly.

"Artificial trees end up in landfills where they sit for thousands of years. It is not a sustainable industry. They are manufactured in China and shipped overseas to our country," Nicholson said. "Buying from a local farm also supports local farmers and agriculture in the state of New Jersey.  This is a last opportunity before winter really sets in to get the kids out, bundle them up, get outside for a hayride and some hot chocolate and take advantage of all that our farms have to offer."

If taken care of properly, the average Christmas tree will last about a month. A few tips if you plan on having a real tree:

  • Keep it away from heat sources;
  • Do not block any fire exits;
  • And make sure to check the water every single day. Live trees drink a lot of water and keeping them hydrated is important.

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