We will transition from isolated showers on Friday to widespread steady rain for most of Saturday, with periods of heavy rain and rumbles of thunder possible.

Here are your weather headlines for Friday, June 26, 2015...

Mostly Dry Friday

We're wrapping up some overnight rain in South Jersey this morning, and the rest of the day is looking mostly dry. I can't rule out an isolated shower or sprinkle at some point, somewhere. But for the most part, your Friday will feature more clouds than sun and cooler temperatures in the 75° to 80° range.

Wet Saturday, Clearing Sunday

I've been warning you all week that Saturday is not looking pretty. Unfortunately, it's still a pretty pessimistic for the first half of the weekend. A low pressure system will transit along a warm front right over New Jersey on Saturday, bringing us an extended period of steady rain. Even though THE heaviest rain has shifted west into Pennsylvania with this morning's model run, I think pockets of heavier rain, rumbles of thunder, and maybe an isolated strong storm with gusty winds will all be possible.

At this point, the only question mark regarding the rain is when it starts. First raindrops could/should fall anywhere from 8 a.m. Saturday morning to about 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. So you might get a brief period on Saturday morning of dry (yet cloudy) skies. Then, the 12+ hours following the onset of the rain (Saturday afternoon, evening, and overnight) will be quite wet, with upwards of 1+ inch of rain expected across the entire state.

Now for the good news, summer weekend-lovers... Sunday actually looks pretty good! As showers come to an end on Sunday morning, skies should clear significantly by Sunday afternoon. That, along with a brisk southwest breeze, will cause temperatures to bump up to about 80 degrees to close out the weekend. If you're headed to the beach, you'll find warmer ocean temperatures in the 70s and a moderate risk of rip currents.

So, to answer the question from the headline of this post... NO, this weekend won't be a washout! But we'll have to show great patience as the wet weather moves through for most of Saturday through Saturday night.

Closing Out June

High pressure builds in Sunday into Monday, and that will keep our weather dry, mostly sunny, and warm. On Monday, we'll see high temperatures bump back up to near-normal (lower 80s), with plenty of sunshine. Tuesday looks even warmer, in the mid 80s, but that will fuel some potentially strong thunderstorms by the afternoon. We'll have better resolution on the timing and intensity of those storms this weekend and early next week.