A Coast Guard rescue crew has located the spot in the Toms River where a small pick up truck fell through the ice early Sunday morning with a dog inside.

A U.S. Coast Guard aircrew located a truck that fell through the ice on Toms River early Sunday (US Coast Guard)

Two men are in custody in connection with the incident but it is not clear if they will face criminal charges or if either one is the owner of the boxer mix found inside the truck.

The crew spotted the location where the truck fell through not far from the Pine Beach Yacht Club, and were working with New Jersey State Police Marine Services to inspect the truck, which has tinted windows making it hard to see inside. The truck remains in the water as the snow made it dangerous to attempt to pull it out.

Search teams respond to the initial report of the truck on the Toms River early Sunday morning. (Ocean County Sheriff)

A State Police search boat remains on the river despite heavy snow creating near white-out conditions trying to determine if there's a body in the submerged truck.

Toms River Police say they began a ground search in the Toms River/Island Heights area near Gladney Avenue just after midnight early Sunday morning for the truck which was doing "donuts" on the ice.  When the headlights and brake lights of the truck could no longer be seen. State Polcie and the Coast Guard helicopter joined the search but could not initially locate the truck.

The Patch of Toms River reports residents heard two large explosions coming from the river during the search.

A truck was noticed under the ice on Sunday morning just off Motor Road in Pine Beach with New Jersey State Police and the Coast Guard back on the scene with helicopters and "fan boats.' Witnesses say a rescue worker was lowered from the helicopter into the water not far from the Pine Beach Yacht Club but was quickly pulled back up as a blinding snow squall moved in.

A number of agencies responded to the incident according to the Ocean County Sheriff including the Island Heights Fire Department, Pine Beach Fire Department, East Dover Fire Department, Manitou Fire Department, Beachwood Fire Department, Ocean Gate Fire Department.

Residents tell the Asbury Park Press that it was common to drive on the Toms River in the 1970s. "You were a big shot if you made it to Seaside," said Chad Krean.

A search boat on the Toms River (Anita Thompson @AnitaJThompson via Twitter)

Toms River Police are looking for a male who reportedly exited the truck and walked down Gladney Avenue before the vehicle went onto the ice.

Anyone with information about the man or the missing truck should contact Toms River Police at 732-349-0150 or Pine Beach Police at 732-349-2010.


The Associated Press contributed to this report