Most college kids are spending their spring break week drinking beer while fooling around at the beach. But this year, hundreds of students are lending a helping hand as New Jersey recovers from Superstorm Sandy.

Trash piled up in Seaside Heights after Sandy (Townsquare Media)

"Our organization will have about 500 college students just in the month of March coming up to New Jersey from across the country, serving those in need. They'll be cleaning, helping to clear debris, painting, doing sand removal, environmental projects to get trails back online after wind damage and flooding," says Candice Linn, the Projects Coordinator for Community Collaborations International.

She says students will be working in several areas, including Toms River, Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach, as well as parts of Atlantic County.

"They can give just a little bit of their time to help a lot of people get moving in the right direction and rebuild their lives," she says. "They're willing to do that and help out…It kind of puts in perspective the things going on in their lives, and then also how they can go back and help in their own community."

Linn adds the message being sent to Jersey residents hard hit by the hurricane is, people are here to support you, you're not alone, we're willing to lend a helping hand.