All the dentists at The Centre for Dentistry strive to make every step of every visit comfortable. It starts with the special technique they
use to numb teeth. Dr. Markus asks every patient to close their eyes, and rate the Novacaine experience on a scale of 1-10 with 9 or 10 being “When are you getting started?” It’s is very important to us that you don’t have any negative memories associated with the treatment we give. Learn more:

Would you like to take your dog to a dental veterinarian who didn’t sedate FiFi prior to dental treatment? If you need it for treatment, just ask us. Are you facing a lot of dentistry and not enough time to get it done? Want to be “The Patient of the Day?” Bad Gag Reflex? Needle phobia? We don’t cater to cowards. We Cater to Everyone!