If you want to learn about U.S. Foreign policy and national security threats, there’s probably no better person to talk with in Congress than South Jersey Republican Representative Frank LoBiondo. On Ask The Congressman Monday evening, Representative LoBiondo said he believes the U.S. should step up its military engagement against ISIS.

“First of all to help ourselves, secondly, to help Jordan and the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re Arab or Muslim or western, they’re coming after you.”

LoBiondo said he’s met with Jordan’s King Abdulluh regarding the latest ISIS atrocity involving the gruesome fatal burning of the Jordanian pilot. LoBiondo said Jordan is in the fight against ISIS for the long haul.

“The king went on to say that he would spare nothing, there would be no forgiveness … And he said that if it takes them 50 years, they will hunt down everybody who was involved with this.”

LoBiondo said we’re living in a time where there’s almost a “terrorist olympics” going on. He said each terrorist organization is trying to out do each other with atrocities. He said Al Qaida had the spotlight for a while with the Paris attacks and not to be out done, ISIS waged its executions of hostages.

“So beheadings weren’t gruesome enough. Beheadings were too routine and they come up with this latest scenario.”

LoBiondo now has an even greater perspective of U.S. national security after being named the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the CIA. He describes the subcommittee’s role.

“To make sure that the programs that the administration presents to Congress for the CIA, that we authorize that which will make the CIA the most effective.”

LoBiondo also spoke about a listener’s concern over the elimination of a successful college funding program. However, he explained that Congress uses its authority to put program’s taken out by the President back in.

“Because the President proposed it in the budget, does not mean automatically that that will be the end result. and an example, the President zero’s out the Army Corps of Engineers projects for beach replenishment normally. We have to override that each year,” LoBiondo said.

LoBiondo said he also plans to challenge the Windfall Provision measure making its way through Washington.

“The legislation that has been introduced in past Congresses, which I completely support and cosponsor, would repeal this Windfall elimination provision which reduced the earned Social Security benefit of an individual who also receives a public pension of a job not covered by Social Security.”

He said the Windfall provision would impact an estimated 1.5 million Social Security beneficiaries. This included disabled and spouse beneficiaries.

Townsquare Media's Rosetta Key contributed to this report.