Relatives of the Connecticut school shootings children are pressing for stronger gun control laws in New Jersey.

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Members of Sandy Hook Promise will join Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver and Assembly Majority Leader Low Greenwald at a news conference in Trenton Tuesday as a Senate committee considers bills aimed at preventing gun violence.

"The families from Newtown, having recently suffered unimaginable loss and devoting themselves to do what they can to ensure that other families will not suffer similarly, have taken it upon themselves to come to the Garden State to lend their voices in support of the ammunition magazine limit and strengthening our gun laws," explained Assembly Democrats in a press release.

The Assembly in February passed a 22-bill gun violence package. But the Senate version does not include a 10-bullet limit on ammunition magazines. The state's current law has a 15-bullet limit.

New Jersey's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. The state limits purchases, has a waiting period and bans assault weapons.

Gov. Chris Christie wants to expand government-funded mental health treatment and restrict children's access to video games.

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