At his town hall on Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie received a unique money-saving suggestion from a member of the Belmar crowd.

Hank Coakley of Neptune asks Gov. Chris Christie a question during a town hall in Belmar. (Townsquare Media)

Hank Coakley of Neptune, one of the lucky few who were picked by Christie during the question-and-answer segment, suggested the number of state senators be cut in half.

Coakley was referring to the legislative setup of decades ago. New Jersey had just 21 senators, one from each county. A United States Supreme Court decision in the 1960s expanded the number of senators to 40, one from each electoral district. The General Assembly grew from 60 to 80 members with the decision.

"I don't care if you get rid of 19 Republicans or 19 Democrats," Coakley told Christie. "You could go by age. I don't care."

Laughing along with the crowd, Christie indicated he isn't against the idea.

"When I work with the legislature, there are a number of days -- there's 120 of them; I'd like to get rid of like 110 if I could," Christie said. "Because it's often very frustrating, and so I empathize with your point of view."

Christie noted, though, the state does not have the power to change a Supreme Court mandate.