Bridgeton Police have released dash cam video of a traffic stop where police shot and killed a man on December 30th. reports two officers pulled a car over at South Avenue and Henry Street in Bridgeton just after 9PM on December 30th because the driver, 46-year-old Leroy Tutt, allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. One officer asks the driver to get his license and seconds later the officer is seen pulling his gun. In a matter of a couple minutes, the passenger in the car, 36-year-old Jerame C. Reid of Seabrook, was shot and killed by police.

Warning: some viewers may find the video graphic and disturbing.

Bridgeton Police released the video after an open public records act request was submitted. In a statement, the Bridgeton Police Department said, "as a law enforcement agency does not, as a routine, consider the posting of any such video as compassionate or professional. In absence of the OPRA request this video would not be released to the public out of respect for the family of Jerame Reid, basic human dignity and to protect the constitutional rights of all those involved."

After viewing the video, an attorney representing Reid's family told, "it's traumatic."

Police continue their investigation.