It is not uncommon to see all sorts of things covered in spray paint in and around Atlantic City, however whales are not the first thing anyone would think they'd see covered in spray paint.

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According to our friends over at NBC 40, a small whale was found dead, washed ashore early Thursday morning, marked with graffiti.

Officials with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center were on scene and spoke with NBC 40. They say the cause of the whale's death has not yet been determined.

Officials say a small dolphin was also found several blocks away, though they say there should be no cause for concern.

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Bob Schoelkopf, Director of the MMSC, told NBC 40 that the dolphin death is likely a  coincidence, and probably unrelated to the dolphin deaths along the shore last summer.

As for the graffiti discovered on the whale, officials have not commented. There is speculation on social media that Greek letters can be made out in the graffiti.