Although fireworks are synonymous with the celebration of Independence Day, you may want to rethink setting off any explosives this Fourth of July Holiday.

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Besides being illegal, fireworks are extremely dangerous and are blamed with sending about 200 people on average to the emergency room every day during the entire month, according to Ocean County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Al Della Fave.

"About 65 percent of firework injuries occur during the month of July," Della Fave said. "About 46 percent of the injuries that take place of course involve the hands and fingers."

He added that most of those who suffer injuries are older.

"It's also shocking to see that about 40 percent of the injuries are not to children, but to adults age 25 and over," Della Fave said.

Many people may not realize that the fuses of fireworks contain a substance that allow the explosives to continue to burn even when wet, and that's what makes them such a a hazard.

"It's very important that people know they are a tremendous danger," Della Fave said. "If they try to light one of those devices and it does not go off, this is where we typically get the worst injuries because they try to relight it or pick it up. They should never do that."

Della Fave also said sparklers are just as dangerous because they burn very hot at high temperatures.

He warned that New Jersey residents who drive to other states to buy fireworks are not allowed to have them here, pointing out individuals who do get caught with explosives can be prosecuted.