If you're spending more and more time at the office because you've got so much to do, you might want to rethink your approach to the situation.

Do we work too much? (David De Lossy, ThinkStock)

A new Stanford University study finds productivity plunges when you work more than 50 hours a week, while mistakes and accidents increase. The study also finds regular downtime is an important component of productivity.

Many New Jersey shoppers agree it's important to not overdo things at work.

"If work is over eight hours, you tend to slow down, and then it's just not worth it," said George, from Hamilton.

Another shopper said "I think you need to balance it out, your work hours, you need to have some time to unwind. If you do get that time to relax I think you would be more productive at your job, work and play makes -- whatever that expression is -- Joe or whatever a dull boy."

Judy, a Trenton resident, agreed it's important to unwind

"You need time to relax. Do something other than work, just take your mind off it," she said. "Take some time every once in a while just to rejuvenate, and it does do wonders."

Another shopper said "I usually work 45 to 50 hours a week and when I come home all I want to do is sit down, or maybe watch television."

Lori from Pennington said "If all you think about is work, well that's not a happy place to be in. I make sure I take time every week to get out and do something I want to do."

A shopper nearby chimed in "people do become less productive the more they work because the frustration of always trying to do more, plan more, organize more, but your own life still has to go on too. I do think you do become a lot less productive in both areas, in work and the home life because it's just, we're only people, we can only do so much.

She added "where's the 'me' time? I think that's very important, because remember, it's you first!"

Another shopper agreed.

"People become less productive if they don't have some down time, I mean I think they need time with their friends, time with their family, time for leisure. You need to clear your head, I think people can get overloaded and it's no good, people do shut down."