A hurricane shelter at the Atlantic City Convention Center has been closed leaving dozens without a place to call home.

People displaced by the closing of the Atlantic City Convention Center as a hurricane shelter. (WPVI TV)

"All shelters have to come to an end," said Tom Foley from AC Emergency Management. "This particular one came to an end so we are looking for alternatives for people if FEMA cannot get them into any type shelter operation right now."

WPVI TV spoke to several of those displaced by the Saturday night closure who said they were in limbo with their FEMA appllications for transitional housing. "I talked to FEMA and FEMA keeps on saying your claim is on hold, your claim is on hold but where's everyone going to sleep tonight?" Joe Bachman told WPVI TV.

Some people were sheltered for the night in a rescue mission behind the Convention Center. FEMA was trying to get hotel vouchers for others.

Also at issue is that some of those in the shelter are not from Atlantic City but from a closed shelter in Pleasantville.

"Some of these people are not even from Atlantic city they're from other states and other towns. We're trying to take care of the Atlantic City people first. That's our job," Foley said.