Scott McCartney, the Superintendent of the Egg Harbor Township School District has announced he will leave the school district effective July 1 to become the superintendent of the Moorestown, Burlington County, school district.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, the Moorestown School District announced a 5-year agreement with McCartney at its meeting Monday night.

McCartney, 47, who was named the 2014 Southern Region Superintendent on the Year in 2014, will become the third top administrator to leave the district this year, following Business Administrator Kateryna Bechtel and Assistant Superintendent Pete Bretones.

McCartney alluded to differences with the EHT school board in a conversation with The Press Tuesday, but offered no specifics.

“It’s never been an easy district with the growth, and state funding. But there are great people doing the work here and focusing on what matters.”

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