You may need some more patience when driving on roads in towns along the Jersey Shore.

Romans Koksarovs, ThinkStock

Golf cart-like vehicles are becoming a more popular mode of transportation among visitors and residents, and they are legal on most shore-area roadways.

Known as low-speed vehicles, the battery-operated carts have the look and feel of a golf cart, but are designed to be faster and safer.

"They fall under the same guidelines as a car," said Ethan McGinnis with the Rio Grande location of South Jersey Electric Vehicles, which has seen an uptick in demand over the years. "So it has to be insured. The driver needs a license. It has to have blinkers, lights, mirrors, seat belts."

Most golf carts drive at speeds of 10 mph, but low-speed vehicles can get up to 25 mph. They are street legal on roads of 35 mph or less.

South Jersey Electric Vehicles does business throughout the state's lower coast, according to McGinnis, from Avalon to Cape May.

"People getting around town, they like the fact that it's smaller," McGinnis said. "It's more compact than the car, so they can maybe squeeze into smaller spaces."

Other users, he said, just like to add some fun to their vacation.