Humidity will soon return to the Garden State and it's bringing daily thunderstorms along for the ride.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, August 8, 2016...

Pleasantly Warm and Dry

The weekend presented New Jersey with a pair of very warm, yet very different days - Saturday was incredibly humid and somewhat stormy, while Sunday turned sunny and pleasantly warm. The forecast for Monday and Tuesday is very similar to Sunday.

The key to comfort this time of year is low humidity. Dew points are currently in the 50s - that certainly qualifies as comfortably dry. Such conditions are expected to continue for Monday, Monday night, and Tuesday. That will keep skies mostly to partly sunny, and allow temperatures to climb into the upper 80s. (There could be a few 90s scattered about too.) All around, we're in the middle of a stretch of very nice summertime weather.

At the beach, temperatures will be slightly cooler thanks to the sea breeze, with forecast highs near 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. (Again, very close to Sunday.) The only issue at the beach will be the surf, as a moderate risk for rip currents continues up and down the Jersey Shore on Monday.

Midweek Changes

It's August in New Jersey. You knew the humidity wouldn't stay away for very long. Wednesday is the big transition day.

A warm front will lift through New Jersey from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. Yes, technically it will deliver "warm" air as the name implies. But more importantly, the incoming air mass is significantly more humid, so steamy weather will return with a vengeance. Wednesday's high temperatures in the upper 80s will be much more uncomfortable than the upper 80s on Monday and Tuesday.

In addition, we'll see two chances of thunderstorms on Wednesday. The first round will come in the early morning hours, directly associated with the warm frontal passage. (Warm frontal boundaries are not as "sharp" as cold fronts, so it shouldn't be the super-fierce variety of storms we sometimes see.) The other round of storms will happen later in the day, as heat and humidity continue to build. We call these diurnal thunderstorms, as they are fueled by the heat of the day. Get used to that term - there are a lot more diurnal storms on the way...

On and On and On...

High temperatures will rise to around 90 degrees (at least) on Thursday, as humidity remains high (with dew points in the 70s). I have to call it "hot and humid," as we may be kick-starting another Jersey heatwave.

Additionally, it looks like we'll fall into the typical summertime pattern of daily scattered thunderstorm chances. You'll hear me talk about the potential for heavy rain and gusty winds for Thursday and Friday. And probably the weekend too.

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