New Jersey failed to capitalize on the opportunity hosting the Super Bowl XLVIII brought to the state by using it as a platform to show the world what its made of according to a public relations expert. 

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos (Christian Petersen, Getty Images)

At a recent Assembly Transportation Committee hearing, Ron Simoncini, president of Axiom Communications which represents the Meadowlands Liberty Convention and Visitors Bureau, testified at length about mass transits problems after the Super Bowl. Thousands of people were left stranded for hours because NJ Transit wasn't prepared to handle so many people looking to ride the rails which turned into a public relations nightmare for New Jersey.

Simoncini said New Jersey failed to use the opportunity of hosting the Super Bowl to project to the world that the Garden State is a cool place to come to.  "That I think is the disappointment for me. The one thing, the most important thing that we're going to convey in this mass transit Super Bowl is our ability to deal with the transportation. and we failed."

He's also disappointed that New Jersey did a poor job marketing itself before the game.

And while many local and state officials are complaining that New Jersey didn't make a lot of money by hosting the game, Simoncini said that was never the point.

"The NFL is pretty honest about this stuff when they come to you. They say, 'You're not getting rich off of having the Super Bowl,'" said Simoncini.