A father and his son were killed in a personal watercraft accident Saturday afternoon.

Accoring to New Jersey State Police, a collision of two watercraft took place on the Patcong Creek at 4:45PM yesterday. The two watercrafts were rounding a sharp corner in opposite directions when they collided.

Police say the father and 8-year-old son were from Maryland. They were transported to Shore Memorial Hospital were they were pronounced dead. The operator of the other craft, a 55-year old woman from Egg Harbor Township, received a broken wrist.

From State Police:

There was no immediate indication that alcohol was a factor. The father was sitting behind his young son at the time of the crash.

Both craft were taken to a nearby marina where they have been impounded pending further forensic examination by NJSP detectives.

Although the crash remains under investigation, the limited sight line at the location of the crash and the fact the the boy was closest to the PWC steering and controls are being looked at as possible contributing circumstances.

PWC can be difficult boats to control for the inexperienced. If you or your loved ones are going to venture out on the water this season on any kind of boat, please obey all licensing requirements and follow all operation laws. Go to http://www.njsp.org/marine-servic…/equipment-checklist.shtml for further information about boating safety.


SOURCE: New Jersey State Police via Facebook.

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