The FBI has released a new photo of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Suspects 1 (black cap) and 2 shown together in FBI photo (FBI)


The new photo was released at 2 a.m. and shows the two suspects, identified as "Suspect 1" (dark hat) and "Suspect 2" (light hat), together along the Marathon route.

On Thursday, the FBI has released video and surveillance video of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. FBI Agent Richard DesLauriers  says the photos came from surveillance cameras near the explosion sites.

No description of the suspects was offered by the FBI. The two are believed to be "associated."

Suspect 2 was seen putting a device on the sidewalk and then left the bombing scene heading west on Boylston St., the FBI said

He says there is no imminent danger to the public of another bombing.

The FBI made the photos and video available to the public and media on their main website,, which immediately crashed. These are described as the only "official" photos of the suspects released by law enforcement connected to the marathon bombing.

Suspect #1 in Boston Marathon bombing (FBI)

Anyone with information about the suspects should contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI with information on suspects. Tips can also be reported to the FBI's new website for the Marathon bombing, The FBI cautioned to not approach the suspects on your own.


Video and photos recovered in the investigation are being examined and enhanced by an FBI unit called the Operational Technologies Division explained Joe DiZinno, former director of the FBI lab in Quantico, Va.

Investigators are looking at video frame by frame — a laborious process, though one aided by far more sophisticated facial recognition technology than is commercially available, forensic specialists said.

Social Networks A Key Part Of Investigation

Fox News reports that over 30,000 social media messages were monitored within one-mile of the Back Bay 48 hours after the explosions. Investigators were looking for "the relationships between social media messages that met investigative criteria" and were looking especially for coded or "out-of-place" messages.

Suspects 1 (black cap)  and 2 (white cap)  in the Boston Marathon bombing (FBI)


The FBI's Suspect #1 in the Boston Marathon bombing (FBI)


Boston Marathon bombing Suspect 2 (FBI)


Boston Marathon bombing Suspect 2 (FBI)


Boston Marathon bombing Suspect 2(FBI)