I have obtained a document which confirms that New Jersey Fiscal Monitor Gary McCartney will formally reveal the specific employee reductions in workforce (RIF) at Atlantic City public schools on Tuesday, May 26th.

I have also learned and confirmed that the initial number of 226.5 job cuts will be lowered because several dozen long-time employees have notified the Atlantic City school district of their intentions to retire.

Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin will appear on Hurley in the Morning on WPG Talk Radio 1450 Friday morning at 8:00 and has promised to reveal whatever new public information that can legally be shared at this time.

A source within the staffing ranks has also confirmed to me that Union President Marcia Genova was given the opportunity to meet with the state fiscal monitor in an effort that may have saved 40 or more jobs. Genova chose not to meet with the state fiscal monitor. My source has said that the Association Executive Board did not wish for her to negotiate with the state monitor. Several other sources have told me that the board did not know about the opportunity to meet with the state fiscal monitor.

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