Two holdout unions have reached an agreement with NJ Transit averting any potential job action.

The union representing the conductors and trainmen — the UTU and the New Jersey chapter of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Assistant Engineers and Engineer Trainees — both posted word of an agreement on their websites Saturday morning.

NJ Transit confirmed the news but added no further comment

UTU General Chairman  Stephen Burkert said he would offer specifics to the membership at their scheduled meeting on Sunday. The BLET's General Chairman David Decker said he will formally initial the agreement on Monday and make details of the settlement afterwards. Both unions will conduct voting via mail.

NJ Transit was to announce strike plans on Monday after the unions had not responded to a request by the The National Mediation Board to extend a "cooling off" period to July 16 when Congress returned from their current break.

The membership of both unions had turned down a contact agreement reached in March prompting a new round of negotiations with both holdouts.

The other unions' contract runs through 2019. It provides a 21 percent pay increase, including back pay, and requires workers to pay 2.48 percent of their salaries toward their health insurance.

“When you add their additional contributions they have to make for health, which are significant, the average net increase is 1.7 percent,” Christie said on the March 30 “Ask the Governor” program. “That’s a good deal — good deal for them, good deal for the taxpayers.”

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