Finding a job today can be extremely challenging, especially late in life. Things happen and jobs are lost, so instead of feeling helpless, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a job.



  • 1

    Start the hunt right away

    As soon as you hear that you will no longer be working for the company, begin the search. Do not wait until after you leave the job. This will allow you to have more time to hear back from places, and maybe even allow you to go back to work quicker than if you wait.

  • 2

    Cut and edit your resume

    Interviewers want to know about recent experiences and skills. Jobs and experiences from over 10 years ago are not as intriguing as new ones. You also do not need to include the date you graduated college. The degree in itself should be enough. When you add the year you graduated, you emphasize your age, which does not need to be mentioned during the interview.

  • 3

    Use personal contacts

    When you talk to people that know your work ethic, integrity, and personality it is easier for them to want to hire you or recommend you to someone else. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend calling someone who you know does not like you very much. They probably will not want to have you around and they probably will not want to recommend you to anyone else.

  • 4

    Be comfortable with a younger supervisor

    Sometimes you are not the reason why you aren’t getting hired, the age difference between you and the interviewer is. It can be uncomfortable for a younger person to oversee someone who is older than them and with more experience. So ensure them that you are perfectly comfortable with it.