(Look in the upper left corner of the video to see the fireball in the video)

A fireball streaked across the sky on Saturday night and was seen by many in New Jersey.

The American Meteor Society received hundreds of reports on its website of a fireball that was seen around 6:15 p.m. up and down the east coast. As of about 11:35 a.m. Sunday, the count was up to 340.

"It started as one then split into three pieces," wrote Marco from Blairstown on the site.

Scott wrote of seeing a light yellow and orange streak that was an "incredible sight."

Ed from Lebanon commented he "thought it was a rogue firework ... then I thought it was a plane crashing."

John in Cape May wrote he saw that "directly behind (the) bright bluish white 'head' was a long yellow 'tail' followed by a straight smoke trail. I'm not sure of the altitude but it appeared lower than where commercial airlines would normally fly."

A fireball is defined by the AMS as a "very bright meteor" that appears as bright as the planet Venus in the morning or evening sky. It's a rare sight for them to be seen over New Jersey, as they are seen mostly over the ocean and uninhabited areas.

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