The former Gilbears Tavern in Millville is a total loss after a fire on Saturday.

"No exposures were lost, no lives were lost, and to my knowledge no injuries were reported," Millville Office of Emergency Management co-ordinator Sherman Taylor said on the office's Facebook page. The blaze broke out Saturday night, and The Daily Journal reported the fire was not considered under control until Sunday morning.

"The next thing you know it just started smoking up real bad, all white and then black and then you started seeing the flames," Lettuica Hollowa told NBC 10.

The Daily Journal said the fire was fueled by a gas line that broke by the pressure from the collapse of the building's second and third floors. Red Cross New Jersey said it assisted a person who lived in an upstairs apartment.

The tavern had closed several years ago, according to the Daily Journal.

Gilbears going up in flames. Wow!

Posted by Raina Torelli on Saturday, February 6, 2016

And down it went #Millville #gilbears damn, so sad

Posted by Raina Torelli on Saturday, February 6, 2016

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