Seven former Rutgers University football players entered not guilty pleas Wednesday to charges related to home invasion robberies as well as an alleged assault, according to the Asbury Park Press.

The former players were arraigned Wednesday in Middlesex County Superior Court. The defendants  - several of whom applied for pre-trial intervention programs - include: Tejay Johnson, Nadir Barnwell, Ruhann Peele, Razohnn Gross, Daryl Stephenson, Lloyd Terry and Delon Stephenson. Another former Scarlet Knight, Andre Boggs, is seeking a new attorney and has requested a postponement until next month, the Associated Press reported.

Four of the players - Barnwell, Peele, Daryl Stephenson and Delon Stephenson - are being charged in connection with the assault. In addition, Boggs, Gross and Terry face charges in connection with the alleged home invasion. One former player - Tejay Johnson, is being charged with the home invasion as well as the assault, the Asbury Park Press reports.

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