If you’re walking down the world famous Wildwood boardwalk, make sure you go hungry. There are many stores on the boards that will give out free samples of their products. Not kidding!

So, the next time you plan on walking the two mile stretch of the boardwalk, keep your eyes open for these stores to get your free samples of water ice, fudge, fries, and popcorn There is a little taste of summer every few stores, on one of the most famous boardwalks in the entire U.S.!

Look for your free samples at the following stores: 

  • TLC's Polish Water Ice located on the boardwalk. You have to try their cotton candy flavor.
  • Johnson's Popcorn located at 2701 Boardwalk. I love their caramel popcorn. I could have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • You can also sample free fudge at Fudge Kitchen, Laura's Fudge, and Mallins Fudge.
  • Try the free samples of Tornado Fries located at 3118 on the boardwalk. These spicy curly fires are cooked to perfection and seasoned just the way you like it.

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