Hillary Clinton with Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo (Susan Shin Angulo via Facebook)

Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo left out the phrase "under God" when she referenced the Pledge of Allegiance at Hillary Clinton's campaign event at Camden County College on Wednesday.

Standing next to the Clinton, Angulo started to say "under" but then left it out in her introduction of the Democratic front runner for president.

"Only Hillary can bring us together as one nation, un —"  Angulo said, pausing for a second appearing to stumble over the quote.

"Indivisible with liberty and justice for all," Angulo continued as Clinton nodded her head.

Later, Angulo posted a picture of herself and her daughters on her Facebook page and made it her profile picture.

Her omission did not go unnoticed by one person.

"I was saddened and appalled at your omitting 'under God' when you decided to quote the Pledge today. You have lost my vote and the vote of others because of this and put a damper on an otherwise wonderful event," commented Misty Ralston.

A message for Angulo has not yet been returned.

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