The second quarter of a high school basketball game between Edison and Colonia could have been tragic if not for the quick action of an athletic trainer who revived a student athlete after he collapsed on the court, NJ Advance media has reported.

(franklin lugenbeel, ThinkStock)

The Colonia High School basketball player, who is recovering following Tuesday's incident, collapsed during a freshman basketball game that was being played at Edison High School.

After noticing the student in distress, it was Edison athletic trainer Tim Root who defibrillated the student, Colonia Athletic Director Pellegrino LaSala told NJ Advance Media.

Following the student's collapse, officials made the decision to cancel the remainder of the game.

According to "Janet's Law," all schools are required to have an emergency plan in place as well as automated external defibrillators on site in case a student suffers sudden cardiac arrest. The law is named for 11-year-old Janet Zilinski of Warren Township who died of cardiac arrest in 2006 after cheerleading practice.

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