Gas prices continue to fall here in South Jersey. Just how low can they go?

Depending on exactly where you are in South Jersey, you are probably paying anywhere from about $2.35 to $2.55 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas -- that's a good 40 to 50 cents less than this time last year. And while that's pretty darn cheap, gas is down to $2.13 in parts of North Jersey.

So, how low can gas prices go? Just two weeks ago, experts said it was unlikely that gas would go below $2.00 per gallon here in New Jersey, but that seems like a possibility now, at least at a handful of gas stations in the state, especially up north. Folks in the know say as long as the price of oil continues to fall (it hit a five-year low today), combined with lots of supply, our proximity to refineries, and low gas taxes, motorists will continue to smile at the pump.

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