The death of Frank Lautenberg (D) has already affected the election to fill his seat as Geraldo Rivera takes himself out of the running.


Geraldo Rivera at presidential debate at Hofstra University (Facebook)

Rivera said he was "contemplating" a run for the seat in 2014 as a Republican earlier this year. However, on his radio program on Monday he told listeners he does not expect Governor Chris Christie to appoint him to Lautenberg's seat.

“I think this effectively ends my speculation that I would run for the Senate," said Rivera.“I can’t imagine that he would pick me. He’ll pick somebody important" like Newark Mayor Cory Booker or a moderate Republican.

"Although I think I have a real important message, I’m the last person I believe Governor Christie will consider right now," said Rivera, a resident of Edgewater. “There will be Republicans and Democrats like planes waiting to land at LaGuardia looking to Gov. Chris Christie for the appointment,” Rivera noted.

A March Fairleigh-Dickinson poll gave Booker an overwhelming 52-21% lead over Rivera, who criticized Booker for constantly tweeting about his accomplishments. ”Reading endless cascade of tweets from Newark’s Mayor Booker one wonders whether any deed however humble goes unremarked,” he tweeted.

Rivera currently hosts a daily radio talk show and is a reporter for Fox News Channel.