New Jersey is full of scaredy-cats.

Dino Flammia speaks with shoppers in Monmouth County (Photo submitted by listener)

Maybe it’s the Halloween jitters talking, but many New Jersey residents have no problem admitting they believe in the supernatural.

Spirits are walking among us all the time, if you believe most shoppers we spoke with in Monmouth County.

Melissa Vazquez of Parlin and her family are convinced there’s at least one ghost “living” in their house.

“During the middle of the night, you will hear all the creeks and all the spooky noises,” Vazquez said. “I think there’s always that spirit following you from somewhere, whether good or bad.”

Holmdel resident Anna-Maria De Oliveira is apparently rooming with a spirit as well. She and her brother are so used to its presence, they gave it a name.

“Every time we see something move, or a door automatically close, we’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Adam!’” she said.

Even New Jersey’s bravest believe we’re visited every once in a while from another realm.

“I’m in the Navy, and I stand watch late at night, and you see some weird stuff,” said Matt Licitra of Howell.

Superstitions have folks on edge as well, whether they believe in them or not.

Maybe breaking a mirror doesn’t give you seven years of luck, and perhaps a black cat crossing your path means absolutely nothing, but they’re not taking the chance.

“If you drop a comb, you have to step on it or it’s bad luck,” said Jane Claffy of upstate New York, visiting the outlets in Tinton Falls. “My grandmother was very superstitious, and I inherited all of that.”

Claffy said she also avoids walking under ladders when there’s work being done on her home.

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