When I saw this photo posted to my friend Sean's Facebook page this weekend, I jumped out of my seat. I couldn't believe he found this slithering around his home in Vineland!

I thought for sure it must be one of those incidents where someone bought a snake as a pet that then got too big for them to take care of at home, so it was dumped into the wild.

But this sighting hits much closer to home! On Monday, Sean and Irena Fischer returned to their home in the Briar Glen section of Vineland to see a 3 foot reptile, reportedly identified as a Black Rat Snake, apparently very common in New Jersey (according to NationalZoo.si.edu).

Irena mentions in Facebook feed related to the photo above that the snake 'slithered back into the bushes' before they could reach anyone to come and remove it. Notice in the photo to the left (courtesy of Sean Fischer) the giant hole just to the left of the snake's head.

It's very scary for the couple who are parents to a toddler daughter!

Have you ever seen a Black Rat Snake in your area? Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCE: National Zoo

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