WPG Talk Radio 1450 midday host Glenn Bech is launching his own reality-type television show.

The goal of “Pursuit of the Truth” is to bring 20 filmmakers together from across the country to prove to a panel of judges that their project is worthy of the grand prize – financing and distribution of their feature documentary film concept.

The 20 contestants will be asked to tasks during a 10-week period and they will have to prove the validity of their idea for a documentary along with their film making abilities.

TheBlaze president and chief content officer Joel Cheatwood told Talkers magazine, “We are excited to continue to expand our programming with producers like Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, and Gary Auerbach.  The documentary film, particularly those that seek the truth with no agenda, is an important art form that is struggling to survive in this media environment.  We will be looking for stories that simply need to be told.”

The nine-episode series debuts on Glenn Beck's network, TheBlaze, this spring. For more information, visit theblaze.com.