The Republican leaders of New Jersey’s General Assembly want to take control back control of their house and while they’re at it, they want the GOP to retake the State Senate too. Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick has dubbed the campaign the “No So Funny Comedy Tour.”

“But for Gov. (Chris) Christie coming to this State House in 2010 we’d be continuing to spiral downward because of poor policies that have been in place by the Democrats who have controlled the legislature for more than a decade,” said Bramnick. “The only reason you saw any kind of movement on pension reform, corporate taxes, property tax caps was because Gov. Christie placed some of the Democratic legislators in a position that they had no other choice but to vote for some reforms.”

Things have stalled according to Bramnick. He thinks it’s up to the voters to decide which party should be leading the Garden State.

“Do you send back a group of legislators that failed to do what they were supposed to do for ten years or do you send Republicans?” asked Bramnick. “If you thought that the Democrats did their jobs for the last ten years by raising 115 taxes and new fees, if you think that they did their jobs by doubling income tax rates, if you think that raising the sales tax was a good thing for New Jersey then send them back……Give us a chance.”

If Republicans take control and don’t get the job done, Bramnick and his colleagues say the voters should send the GOP packing in two years.