Mayor Don Guardian recently said, "at least we're not Detroit." Now a person who is very familiar with the Motor City is one of two people being brought in to oversee Guardian's city.

Gov. Christie has appointed a corporate turnaround specialist as Atlantic City's new emergency manager to dig the city out of what he calls "an enormous hole." The second person being brought in led Detroit through its municipal bankruptcy.

Through an executive order issued by Christie, Kevin Lavin will have wide-reaching powers over the city's finances and operations. Kevyn Orr, who helped lead Detroit through its financial crisis, will serve as special counsel to Lavin.

In a press conference Thursday, both Lavin and Orr promised to work with Mayor Guardian and city council and did not call their appointments part of a city take over. Neither person commented about a possible bankruptcy filing, like Detroit went through. Also, neither Lavin or Orr would say what their salaries are or how long they would stay in their new positions.

Mayor Guardian told the Associated Press that he needs to see exactly what powers the two men will have before commenting in detail on their appointment. City Council President Frank Gilliam called the appointments unnecessary and said, "Anytime they usurp our power, we have a problem with that."

The text of Gov. Christie's executive order spells out some of Lavin's powers. Among other things, he will be able to assess the city's financial condition and within 60 days prepare a plan to stabilize the city's finances, which includes possibly restructuring municipal operations.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.