Hundreds of thousands of New Jersey homes and businesses remain without power today following the body blow delivered to the Garden State last week by super-storm Sandy.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

That means a million people possibly more are still in the dark. As utility crews race to restore power to everyone Governor Chris Christie is asking for something that is in very short supply and it's getting shorter by the minute: patience.

"I'm asking for patience from New Jerseyans because I don't have much and I need patience from all of you," says Christie. "I'm not going to have patience in this job. I'm not paid to have patience. I'm paid to get things done for all of you."

New Jersey is trying to get to what Christie calls "a new normal." There are still limited options for mass transit, some school districts have reopened but many are still closed, and power has been restored to over 2 million customers. NJ Transit has ramped up bus service, and gasoline is flowing at more and more stations that had powered back up.

"I need you to have patience as I'm trying to get all these things done," explains the Governor. "In return I'll give you the best effort I can possibly give you to get your lives back to as close to normal as quickly as possible as we can."

"As quickly as possible," could be delayed, much to the dismay of New Jerseyans. Forecasters are now tracking another coastal storm that's threatening cleanup, recovery and power restoration efforts in New Jersey.

"Yeah, they're forecasting a nor'easter to come on Wednesday that could have as high as 40-50 mile an hour winds and two to three inches of rain," said Governor Christie as toured the flood ravaged city of Hoboken Sunday. "That would obviously be a huge pain, huge to what we're trying to do here."