It's no secret that New Jersey has plenty of problems, including the highest-in-the-nation property taxes, a big looming budget deficit, and significant damage from Superstorm Sandy that will take years to repair.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Nevertheless, Governor Christie is maintaining a positive outlook, for several reasons.

"We're seeing progress in New Jersey in every area that matters to business- right size of government, tax reductions, regulatory reform, and business incentives to be able to continue to grow your businesses," he said during an appearance before a commercial real estate group in Edison.

Christie told the gathering when he took the reins as Governor New Jersey was billions of dollars in debt, and things had basically ground to a halt, but now the State has started moving again.

"Really, I think it's been about first and foremost, getting fiscal discipline back in our state from the governmental perspective."

He said the size of government, and spending is down, the state's two percent property tax cap is working, regulatory reforms have been enacted across the board, especially at the DEP, and tax cuts for businesses are creating more private sector jobs.

The Governor also said state revenue collections were badly hurt by Sandy, but over the past two months they've actually exceeded expectations.

"I believe that over the course of the next four months that we're going to meet our expectations. The fact is you've got a lot of people who right now, are calling the game in the 3rd quarter."