The Florida developer who is inching closer and closer to owning Revel continues to make headlines with his plans for the former casino.

Glenn Straub detailed some of his plans for the closed mega-resort during a court hearing earlier today. Those plans now include the world's largest water park at a price tag of $108 million -- which is more then the $95 million he is paying for the $2.4 billion property.

The Press of Atlantic City report also indicates Straub wants to launch a high-speed ferry service between Atlantic City and New York City, which will make it easier for out-of-towners to visit the world's playground.

Straub has been making headlines since Revel closed last year for what he would do with the property if he ever got the keys to it. In the past, he has mentioned turning it into a genius university where the world's biggest problems would be solved. Straub has also talked about building a second hotel tower -- or tearing-down the existing one if some of his plans didn't work out. It still has not been determined if the former casino would reopen with casino games.