Just wanted to share what an amazing few days it's been in New York!

I received such a great tour yesterday of all of the Fox News studios and offices -- O'Reilly, Hannity, Kelly, Cavuto, Starnes, all of them. Todd Starnes and The Fox News Team could not have been more friendly and collegial. It was such a great experience to see everything from the inside out, that we all usually see from the outside in.

Harry Hurley at Fox News

Then, today it is Talkers Magazine, "Talkers New York 2015." 500+ people in attendance. It has such energy. And, it appears that everyone in the television and talk radio industry is here. This incredible annual event is directed by Talkers Magazine Editor & Publisher, Michael Harrison. It is an incredibly well fun event held at the Iconic India House in New York City.

A truly phenomenal series of events that I will break-down in detail this Monday, June 15th, on "Hurley in the Morning."