As the end of Gov. Chris Christie's first term ends and he seeks re-election for a second, a new Monmouth University-Asbury Park Press poll asks New Jerseyans how much Christie has accomplished. Respondents also grade the governor on specific and important issues.

Governor Chris Christie (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

The survey finds that 36 percent of Garden State residents say Christie has major accomplishments to point to, while 49 percent say he has minor accomplishments, and just 10 percent say he has none.

How would you grade Christie on his efforts related to Superstorm Sandy recovery, job creation and his handling of the same-sex marriage issue? Sandy leads the list when New Jerseyans are asked to grade the Christie administration's performance.

"Thirty-five percent give him an 'A,'" says Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. However, "This is down on his Sandy grade from December, where 61 percent gave him an 'A'."

The Governor gets a 'B' from 37 percent of New Jerseyans when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Another 17 percent give a 'C' grade and very few give a 'D' (5 percent) or 'F' (3 percent).

"When it comes to job creation he gets about a 'C' overall," explains Murray. "Six percent give him an 'A,' 23 percent a 'B,' 36 percent give him a 'C,' but 13 percent a 'D' and 15 percent an 'F.'"

Garden Staters are split on Christie's handling of the gay marriage issue.

"Three-in ten give him an 'A' or a 'B,' but three-in-10 also give him a 'D' or an 'F,'" says Murray. "It's 10 percent for a 'D' and 21 percent for an 'F.'"

New Jerseyans are divided on gun ownership and control too - 3-in-10 give an 'A' (9 percent) or 'B' (21 percent) grade and 3-in-10 give a 'D' (12 percent) or 'F' (19 percent) grade. Another 27 percent give a 'C.'

The results on the three issues of jobs, marriage equality and guns are evenly divided between A/B and D/F grades, but they are more negative at the extreme ends of the grading scale. Roughly twice as many give Christie the lowest grade of 'F' as compared to the highest grade of 'A.'

It's very rare, but the survey does find that the state legislature has a slightly positive job rating - 39 percent approve to 34 percent disapprove among all residents and 38 percent approve to 36 percent disapprove among registered voters.

The Commander-in-Chief does well with Jerseyans, but his numbers have dipped quite a bit. President Barack Obama holds a 51 percent approve to 40 percent disapprove rating and a 50 percent approve to 41 percent disapprove rating among the state's voters. This is the president's lowest job approval rating in more than a year. In February, he held a 60 percent approve to 33 percent disapprove rating among Garden State voters.

The poll was conducted by telephone with 783 New Jersey adults from Sept. 6 to 10, 2013 with a margin of error of + 3.5 percent.