Some New Jersey residents, who were expecting their state income tax refund check in the mail, instead have received letters from the State Treasury Department, informing them they need to submit copies of their social security card, pay stubs and W2's so their information can be reviewed and verified.

Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media

"I'm not happy with what's gone on at treasury in this regard, and I've made it very clear to the treasurer that I'm unhappy with it," said Governor Chris Christie during last night's "Ask the Governor" program.

He explained that the Department of the Treasury has undertaken an aggressive anti-fraud effort focused on people who are getting tax refunds when they're not entitled to them.

"The Division of Taxation became over-aggressive - they used a computer program and it was not calibrated correctly."

As a result, the Governor said a lot of letters went out to people who should not have been getting those kinds of letters, and he's instructed the treasurer to correct the issue.

He also said this kind of confusion makes people concerned and worried about what's going on, and it's got to stop.

"We're taking action to minimize the flow of the letters," said Christie. "Ultimately, all of this stuff is my responsibility and I'm going to take responsibility to fix it."