Anyone in our area who's spent the past few years watching out-of-state competition take a toll on Atlantic City's casinos, we have some good news.

An article from the Press of Atlantic City this weekend seems to show that casinos may have made it through their darkest days.

The argument, a salient one at that, is that competition has reached its maximum. In other words, Atlantic City made it through casino openings in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. The crux is that any other casinos that may open will be further away, so it's unlikely that someone who decided to stick with A.C. instead of, say, Philly, will want to go further than Philly (or New York, or Maryland).

This Darwinian-gambling theory, however, does not mean that the marketing of Atlantic City should be scaled back. In fact, I'd say it shows two things:

1) On some level, the "Do AC" campaign has been a success. It managed to separate Atlantic City from its out-of-state competition. It highlighted what A.C. has to offer that a places like Parx or Sugar House simply cannot.

2) It proved that if Atlantic City is to thrive, it needs the need to continue to come up with clever, compelling marketing campaigns that show Atlantic City has far more to offer.