Thanks to your generous donations, a headstone to mark the grave of Sister Jean Webster, who spent a quarter of a century helping Atlantic City's poor, was dedicated Thursday.

Sister Jean Webster began serving food to the homeless in 1986 and from there, fed dozens and dozens of people everyday. She passed away in 2011 and until last week, her final resting place did not have a marker.

The Press of Atlantic City reports a close friend, Sister Debbie Thomas, of Pleasantville, said it was something she couldn’t get off her mind. She contacted Webster’s family who were unable to buy the headstone, she said. Thomas then approached a friend who called Harry Hurley. Following the call, WPG Talk Radio 1450 listeners donated over $500 in a matter of minutes.

Many people who want to go see her grave can do so now, Thomas said. “People won’t have to worry about where it is and can see it.”

To everyone who pitched-in to make this possible, we thank you!