Back in 2014, organist Steven Ball gave me a fascinating tour of the back chambers of the massive pipe organ residing at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall. The Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ, is the largest pipe organ in the world, and, as you'll see in the attached video of Ball playing the organ with only its right stage chamber functioning, it rocked!

But that's nothing compared with what you will be able to hear during a special recital featuring the organ at noon Friday, when for the first time in over 40 years, the left chamber of the organ will be heard.

The 1944 great hurricane damaged the chamber of the mighty organ, referred to locally as “The Sonic Mount Rushmore”.  Friday, the left stage chamber will be heard for the first time in over 40 years.

Organist Steven Ball, will perform a 45 minute recital starting at noon. The Pedal Left, and its upward extension, the Grand Choir, the Unenclosed Choir and the String 1 divisions will be playing and the entire recital will be live broadcast via Facebook.

Following the recital, short tours through the organ chambers will be provided to those in attendance free of charge.  Over 500 members of the OHS(Organ Historical Society) are expected to be in attendance.

Watch video of Steven Ball playing the Boardwalk Hall pipe organ in 2014...

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